Trustees & Committees 

Westwood Farms Board of Trustees

Trustee Term Expires Responsibilities
Jim Carbone 01/2020 Landscaping, Tennis Courts, Liaison to City
Brian Jungeberg 01/2021 Hotline, Architectural, C&R, Pool
Sarah Polo 01/2020 Clubhouse, Social Media, Communications, Web
Tom Lang 01/2021 Finances, Dues
Kris Jones 01/2020 Swim Team, Activities

Interested in joining the board of trustees?  Contact one of the existing trustees prior to November 1st.

Westwood Farms Committees

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Pool: Brian Jungeberg 440-590-0140 | Hotline 878-9052


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Club House: Brian Jungeberg 440-590-0140 | Hotline 878-9052

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