Westwood Farms
Homeowners Association
Newsletter – February 2021

Annual Meeting Minutes – January 2021
The annual meeting minutes are posted on our website. You can also watch the live meeting at this link: http://www.westwoodfarms.info/2021meeting

Drive Thru Santa
Over 50 vehicles enjoyed a visit with Santa from the safety of their cars. It was a wonderful event! We were able to donate nearly 300 canned food items to the Food Pantry. We will continue this event in 2021!

Easter Egg Scramble
Thousands of brightly colored eggs will be scattered at the baseball field on Coopers Run on Sunday, March 28th at 2:00 pm. Don’t be late and bring a bucket to collect the eggs! The scramble will be in three groups: Walking – 3 years old, 4 – 6 years old and 7-10 years old. In the event of bad weather, it will be held on Saturday, April 3rd at 2:00 pm. A text and email will be distributed if the event is rescheduled.

We need Egg Stuffers!! We will meet at the clubhouse to stuff the eggs! Wine, beer and light snacks will be provided. Egg Stuffing will take place on Wednesday, March 24th at 7:00 pm.

Geese Control
Westwood Farms has contracted Ohio Geese Control again this year. Their services will begin on February 1, 2021. A variety of tactics will be used to minimize the population of geese. Benefits of having a geese control system:
· Ensure public safety by using only licensed and insured dogs.
– Ensure a healthier environment for the public.
· Provide a healthier turf as an added benefit of geese removal.

Pool Update
The pool will open this summer! Currently, we will have a maximum occupancy of 60 residents at one time. The Board is working to create a plan of how we will address the occupancy and send an update prior to the pool opening.

Sign up for Text Alerts
If you are not currently receiving the HOA Text alerts, please sign up by texting WESTWOOD to 36000.

If you do not have access to the internet or text messages, please contact Sarah Polo to make other communication arrangements. (440-289-5628)

Annual Dues
Westwood Farms dues have remained the same for nearly 10 years. We are currently operating on a budget provided when the development was first built and Westwood Farms is nearly 25 years old. We need to prepare and plan for expenditures such as a new pool, tennis courts, clubhouse roof and other repairs on an aging development. Our dues are currently lower than any of the other comparable developments in the area. The 2021 dues will increase to $550 per household which is necessary to maintain and plan for the future.

Clubhouse Rental
The clubhouse is open for rentals. Please see our website with all the details for renting, cost, and cleaning requirements. https://www.westwoodfarms.info/clubhouse/

Bylaws Project Committee
In an effort to update our Bylaws which were originally created by the developer, a committee of residents was formed to review the bylaw changes. They provided their feedback, suggestions and changes. The updated bylaws along with a proxy will be mailed to all residents this Spring.

We greatly appreciate your support of the updated bylaws.

Community Garage Sale
Would you like to participate and plan a community garage sale? The HOA Board is happy to help and will complete the steps to gain a permit. Please contact Sarah Polo (440-289-5628) if you would like to lead this committee.

Resident Registration
If you are new to the neighborhood and would like to be included in our emails, please visit the Westwood Farms website – www.westwoodfarms.info and submit a registration form to us and we’ll get you added. You can also email us anytime at info@westwoodfarms.info

Homeowner Reminders
*Each homeowner is responsible for maintaining their lamppost. We do not have street lights and we all appreciate these lights for safety.
*Please pick up after your dogs!
*Slow down…..your children live here!
* Please maintain your exterior including faded shutters, doors, tall grass and mold on siding.

2020 Financial Reports & 2021 Budget
This can be found on our website – https://www.westwoodfarms.info/documents/

Questions? Contact us!
Brian Jungeberg (President) – 440-590-0140
Sarah Polo (Secretary / Events) – 440-289-5628
Tom Lang (Treasurer) – 440-539-9007
Jim Carbone (Landscaping/ Ponds) – 440-241-7529
Kris Jones (Pool, Swim Team) – 440-915-6759