In consensus with Waterford and other neighboring developments, please read the following information regarding our pool and playground.

Due to the unprecedented circumstances associated with COVID-19, the pool will not be open to the community at the end of this month as it has in previous years. In fact, the pool will remain closed through at least the end of June. State and local orders currently prohibit opening the pool. In view of the current orders and safety issues, the board has decided to keep the pool closed through the end of June.

The pool is a high-value asset to the community in that it provides relief from the summer heat, great exercise, and socialization opportunities, among other wonderful benefits. At the same time, the health and safety of residents is of the utmost importance. Accordingly, the board has elected a cautious but flexible approach. Rather than closing the pool for the entire summer now, the board decided to close the pool through June. Around the end of June, a decision will be made to open the pool or keep the pool closed.

The pool will be started up by our vendor including filling, cleaning, and treatment. This will be done for a few reasons. First, algae and insects would quickly take root as temperatures increase absent treatment, and there is a possibility of damage to the pool and supporting infrastructure. Further, the pool could be opened to the community relatively quickly in July, if circumstances change significantly.

We will continue to monitor federal, state, and local orders/guidelines and leverage expertise of our management company, legal counsel, and pool vendor in making future decisions regarding the pool. Thank you in advance for your understanding as we navigate through this difficult time.

The clubhouse, playground, and tennis courts will remain closed until further notice. Despite having caution tape around the playground, some kids are unaware that the facility is closed for their safety. If you have older kids that travel around the community without you, please let them know that the recreation facilities are closed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation and stay safe and healthy!